I am an image consultant. I work mostly with individual clients on their wardrobes. I work with them to simplify and modernize their clothing choices and make their closets work for them. My goal is to have you walk into your closet and not feel overwhelmed by too many clothes, ill fitting clothes or outdated clothing. I always want my clients to feel like they have the appropriate clothing for the many roles they play on a daily basis.


Is your closet jam packed but you have nothing to wear? We will begin with a discussion of your goals and then we will delve into your closet, find the gems and discard the items you should not wear again. Included in this service is a list of appropriate pieces to build or expand your core wardrobe.


Initial Consult and Closet Edit. Choosing styles for your body type, discussing proper fit, tailoring, and tips for building a core wardrobe.


Outfit creation and seasonal updates. Final outfit
creation and documentation plus planning for seasonal updates.


Kids Wardrobe Edit
Photo Styling for family photos and headshots
Travel packing for personal and business travel

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    “Claire Roberts Style has been amazing in helping me hone my image in ways that positively impact my professional life.

    I started a new job as a Department Head, which includes working with faculty, students, industry executives, government, etc. I had additional challenges including a busy schedule; a new city; very specific likes and dislikes on fabrics, style, or comfort; and a desire to integrate the university color of red into my wardrobe. Claire worked with me to ensure professional dress appropriate for my age and rank, while still maintaining the comfort that I desire in clothing. She has helped me display the strong, modern woman, yet feminine in a male-dominated field.

    For my needs, I appreciate the help she has given me in purging my wardrobe with humor and tact, identifying pieces that I would not have thought to have bought but now I cannot live without, recommending power colors and styles specific to me, and how to put together the whole outfit from shoes to ears. I regularly receive compliments on my style at work, and I have become a preacher for her services. I think everyone should have a Claire!”

    Julie Swann – Department Head, ISE North Carolina State University

    “Working with Claire was wonderful! My lifestyle and career changed quite drastically, and I needed help bringing my closet up to speed. I had some great pieces but I didn’t know how to start putting them together. Claire identified gaps in my wardrobe and gave me very useful tips on outfits, style, and organization.

    Shopping is definitely not an activity I enjoy but Claire made it painless (fun, actually!) and efficient. Comfort and functionality are most important to me. I wanted to maintain simplicity but build confidence in a professional, feminine image. Claire made my character priority and helped me find smart pieces. Being so knowledgeable about trends, fabric, fit, colors, etc., she did of course challenge me and introduce me to great things I would never have considered before (and got a good laugh at my reaction to things like ruffles- she made it easy to say “thanks but no thanks”).

    The time I spent with Claire was valuable and comfortable. I would definitely recommend Claire to anyone, and I hope she doesn’t go anywhere so I can work with her more!”

    Kirsten Rhodes – R&D, Bayer Crop Science

    “Claire is a fantastic, upbeat and knowledgeable consultant who is personable and professional and provides great customer service. The process has been one of the most fun and valuable experiences I have had in a long time

    I am very busy newly single executive with two great kids, and we are always on the go but I wanted help updating my personal and professional look. What I appreciated most was that Claire took the time to learn about me and what I wanted and then she tailored her process to meet my personality and needs. She always has a great attitude and is willing to constructively challenge her clients to get the best results for them in a fun way.

    Not ever having done anything like this I was not sure what to expect, she explained her process and worked with my constraints to come up with a unique plan and then was there to walk me through every step of the way from closet clean out to tailoring to shopping. I really appreciated the personalize attention.

    With as busy as I have become, I don’t have much time to shop, so I was a little wary of our trip. All I can say is that when I turned the corner in the dressing room and saw everything she had pulled out for me to try I was blown away not only with the thoughtful selection, breadth of choices but also the respect for my limited time. I also really appreciated the collaboration to prioritize purchases and work within my budget and plan next steps.

    While I am at the beginning of the process, I feel like I have a partner to help get me where I want to go.”

    Roy Attride – Director of Project Management, Plexus Corp. Raleigh NC

    “I had a wonderful experience with Claire. She is professional and respectful yet warm. Her style is on point. She brought in a variety of clothing choices that I would have never expected but fell in love with the items once I tried them …MoreI had a wonderful experience with Claire. She is professional and respectful yet warm. Her style is on point. She brought in a variety of clothing choices that I would have never expected but fell in love with the items once I tried them on.

    I get compliments every time I go out now. When my husband and I were still in Raleigh a guy who was driving by slowed down, rolled down the window, and gave a genuine compliment… we had never met him before. The new style stood out enough for him to stop the car and say something positive and respectful about how I looked.

    All that to say, it was a big success. I would recommend Claire to anyone who feels lost in the department store and unsure of how to achieve a unique, modern style.”

    Ashley Easter – Speaker, Writer, Advocate

    “The service Claire performs in our household is one we can’t live without, but didn’t know we needed. As a divorced father of 3 growing boys, it’s hard to stay on top of styles and wardrobes, especially as they outgrow things a few times a year. She’s patient, professional, has a great eye, and manages all of our closets brilliantly. Thanks Claire. I highly recommend this service and more importantly, this stylist and her eye.”

    Jeff Turpin – Owner, Medcomm Carolinas Inc, Raleigh NC

    “Claire is a breath of fresh air. She came into my home, organized my closet, laughed with me as we purged clothing out of my space, perfected my organizational systems, and has provided support as we come up with a more refined personal style for me and my significant other. She then hunted for perfect items for me, and took me shopping for 4 hours. When we arrived at the store she already had the dressing room set up and stocked with clothing she had already hunted for, and she was like a sister // best friend as I tried things on, got new sizes, and decided on the items we would purchase. She even hung things back up for me. Then she came home with me and helped me put together outfits. I am a busy busy business owner and my time is precious to me. I let my personal style take a back burner to managing my company and staff. I have very little free time. Claire has provided a beautiful service to us and has really helped my self confidence. I now have a very well rounded wardrobe and can spend more time on my business, and less time in the closet stressing over outfits. She’s worth every penny.”

    Austin Macfarlane – Owner and Founder, My Girl Friday, Raleigh NC

    “Working with Claire to help my daughter, Madison find some trendy, age-appropriate outfits was a wonderful experience! Madison commented to me on the way out of the mall that Claire was not at all what she expected, and that she was really impressed by how closely she listened to her and really tried to find clothes she would feel comfortable in. She also mentioned that some of the items Claire selected for her to try on that looked the best on her were items she never would have thought of choosing. She wore one of her new outfits to school today and was so excited to show it off!  I could really tell that working with Claire raised her self-esteem about her physical appearance dramatically, because she taught her how to dress for her body shape. Seeing her increased confidence made the experience priceless for me as her mother! “

    Melanie W. Goodwin – NC Attorney and Mother, Raleigh NC