Join our enthusiastic and energetic mall walking community and get ready to take a step towards improving your fitness level and overall well-being.

Make walking a part of your healthy lifestyle, whatever your fitness level.

OUT OF THE WEATHER Inside a climate-controlled mall, walkers can dress comfortably and not worry about wind, rain, snow, ice, or heat. As long as you can get to the mall, you can walk in comfort.
AWAY FROM TRAFFIC Inside the mall, you don’t have to worry about dodging cars. There are no intersections to cross, no broken glass or bushes obstructing the path, no auto fumes or rush hour traffic. It’s a safer walking workout location.
SECURITY Mall security and surveillance video help ensure you won’t become a victim of street crime. If you walk alone but don’t feel safe outdoors, the mall is a good option.
MEDICAL RESPONSE If you have an accident or medical emergency, you will be seen by other walkers and mall staff and get medical assistance. This is an important advantage for those with chronic medical conditions or health risks.
RESTROOMS AND WATER These essentials are always nearby in the mall.
CAFES & SNACKS You can enjoy coffee and breakfast snacks at mall cafes before or after your walk, still safely inside and out of the weather.
CAMARADERIE If you become a regular mall walker, you are likely to start making nodding acquaintances or friends of the other mall walkers.
YOUR OWN PACE There is no pressure to go faster or slower when you are mall walking. Mall walking is welcoming for people of all abilities. Two laps around the entire perimeter of the lower level – including all wings – is one mile.

You are encouraged to walk during the following hours:

Starting Monday, May 24th, we are adjusting our mall walking hours to 7AM daily!

Monday – Saturday | 7:00AM – 10:00AM (Lower Level), 7:00AM – 10:00AM (Upper Level)
Sunday | 7:00AM – 1:00PM